Nextcloud 14 Server using one shell script

Last Updates:

October, 26th 2018:
– added ssl early data directive to both: ssl.conf and proxy.conf
– added phpimagickexcepttion()

The initial script ( will install your self hosted Nextcloud within few minutes fully automated on either AMD64 or ARM64 (Odroid C2) environments. Your server will be built of:

    • Fail2Ban (Nextcloud and SSH jails)
    • MariaDB 10.3.10
    • Nextcloud 14.0.4 latest
    • NGINX 1.15.7 new
    • OpenSSL 1.1.1 new + TLS v. 1.3 new
    • PHP 7.2.11
    • Redis-Server
    • self signed or Let’s Encrypt SSL using the second script
    • UFW (22, 80, 443)
  • Please remove already installed packages of NGINX, PHP, MariaDB and Redis first
sudo apt remove <package> --purge && sudo apt autoremove -y

The only precondition for the script is to utilize Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as your on-prem server OS. Optionally request your ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt by issuing the second script called “”.

Beyond that you will find additional scripts at /usr/local/src/install-nextcloud/

  • To optimize and maintain your system easily. Ready to go? Let’s start:

Build your Nextcloud 14 Server using one shell script

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